Sunday, November 4, 2012

Just Vintage The Studio

Most of you know that I own a vintage home decor shop called Just Vintage.  I am still blown away that God has allowed me to be able to pursue this dream of mine and that He continues to provide so that I am able to do this for my job.  My husband is so super supportive and a great business partner too.  I do not ever take this for granted because I know what a big deal it is to have your own brick and mortar business! 
 Recently, we were approached with the opportunity to open up a "satellite" location for the shop at one of my favorite places; The Factory Art Studios. I was flattered and thrilled. I fell in love with this place a year or so ago going to visit my friend Darby at her studio,Underground Vintage.  It is in an old shoe factory complete with creaky wood floors, exposed brick and beams, industrial lighting, and just so much stinkin charm and character you want to scream.  The second floor now has over 30 artists from all over central Illinois who have and display their art.

Just Vintage at the Studio will be the perfect place for me to combine some of our great mid-century items and my art.  When I started painting 3 years ago I had no idea what I was doing(I still learn something new every time I work on a piece!) or that one day my art would be in an actual art studio!  I am so completely humbled by this and just sooo grateful to God for opening up this path for me.
This is what it looked like before my friends.  The walls were framed out but not finished.  Needless to say, Stephen and I had our work cut out for us, not to mention that the studio is an hour drive from home.  We gathered and used elements like old barn boards, corrugated metal, doors and shutters to finish our walls..really makes a nice backdrop for our pieces! 
This past Saturday was our first "show"  and it was absolutely awesome let me tell ya. We got to chat with lots of people, be amongst fellow artisans, and eat great food all while listening to live music.  A fun highlight of the night ,which I got to be a part of, was a fashion show featuring all vintage and thrifted/refashioned clothing.  It was such a success that it will be happening again at a future show!
Thanks to all of you who have supported me and encouraged me in pursuing my passions and following my dreams.  It has been & will continue to be an incredible journey!

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Mindy Harris said...

the space looks amazing! oh how i envy you and darby for getting to be at such a cool place. you did a beautiful job. the space reminds me of a "chippy paint" madmen! love it! i'm so proud of you.