Tuesday, January 25, 2011

31. Really?!

I feel like I just turned the big 30 yesterday. 30 proved to be a big year in many many
ways. More than just entering a "new decade". My son turned 3, I found out I was finally pregnant, I started a business (The Vintage Garage-I will delve more details at another post), traveled to the ocean, my oldest stepson became a teenager, and I found out that my baby had a rare congenital heart defect. My life changed in that moment. It was a very very heart wrenching soul searching year; very tough. But, God had a plan. I grew more in this year than in any other I believe. It was not how I would have planned it but thats just the point. God's ways are better than our ways and His plans are better than our plans. I learned to trust in Him, really trust in Him, rely on His strength and cling to His mercy and grace. He certainly
proved His faithfulness to me and that He is indeed BIGGER than anything we face!

The best birthday present ever! Cuddle Time

Max says, "Oh sweet baby girruull!"

Uh, you think she may have my eyes? ;)

Enough picures now Momma. I'm serious.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas photos

This Christmas we celebrated at our home in Illinios. It was the first year I have not been back to my childhood home in Kansas. It is such a restful, peaceful place & it does my soul good. I missed not being able to see my precious family and my dear friends. It was sad. But, I rejoiced because it was Evie's first Christmas and she is the best gift I could ever receive. The network of family and friends who came together to pray for Evie was mind boggling. We got to see a miracle happen. I truly believe that. I wrote to my family that even though we were miles apart this Christmas; in a sense we are always together. I feel that in my heart.

Asleep on Daddy's shoulder.

Slept through her first Christmas..Oooo
thank you for my pretty new outfit! I had to open most of her presents for her. :) Darn.

Just a bb gun. No worries. NO cardinals.

Surprise! Santa brought us a new TV! Will, I've got like 6 birds, you have 3

Well Pleehh.

What's that smell? No that's not me...

I'm way to cute. It was one of my 3 brothers. Really.