Friday, November 30, 2012

Evelyn's checkup

I am so happy to report that Evelyn's checkup went wonderfully!  I could certainly tell that prayers were coming our way! So thank you to all of our friends and family who lifted Evelyn up.
She was totally calm and peaceful throughout her entire echo.  After they were finished running tests we went back to speak with her cardiologist.  He came back to the room within a minute and asked us if we would like to come see what he's looking at. So we followed him into his office area where 2 large computer screens were showing pictures of Evelyn's heart. You could see the blood flowing and the heart pumping.  He pointed to where the atrial leak is and said "Well it certainly has not gotten a matter of fact, it looks a little better even! But, that could just be computer trickery or something.."  I just grinned really big and thought, "No, its the Lord.  Its all the prayers that have been prayed over her little heart!" 

We are not due back for a year! So thankful we serve a God who hears us and loves us and cares for us and gives us our modern day miracles!!

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