Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Night In A Museum

It is 7 degrees right now, -3 with the wind chill. Like most of you, we too have been getting the best of old man Winter. Last week we were in the worst winter storm in this area since the 60's. We received about 2 inches of ice topped with 3-4 in. of snow which quickly hardened with the sub zero & single digit temps. Then, when we thought it was all over, we received another 4 inches.

At around 5pm last Tues. we lost our electricity. At that time we still had about 20 min. of daylight so we scurried around gathering candles, matches, flashlights and I began to frantically pack bags for the family. Two hrs. later it was down to 66 in the house, still bearable but chilly, and then Tadaa! We had electricity again. We cranked up the heat, got the babies fed and bathed & into their snuggly beds. I decided to take a nice hot shower now that we had electricity again that way if it went out again I'd be good to go. You see, when we lose power, we also lose water since we have well water. Well, wouldn't ya know, BAM, there goes the electricity again. And where was I? Yes, mid shower, standing there in the dark with wet hair. You have got to be kidding me?! Those were probably the nicest words that left my mouth. :) Anyeeway, we decided to stay put as it was already after 9 and the kids were already asleep. We survived the night but all were up by 5:30am and now it was COLD in the house.

That morning our wonderful landlords had called and told us we could stay at her mother's place. She has recently passed and her home is still full of furniture and all the necessities. We took them up on it as no one was for sure how long it would be before we had electricity again. I was like the mother bird flitting about her nest that morning trying to keep her babies warm and gather up everything we needed. We knew that the house was built in 1875 so we weren't surprised to pull up to this eye candy, but when we opened the door our jaws hit the floor. Every piece of furniture was an antique. We got to spend the night in this "museum" and we felt so blessed to have a warm place to stay. I have never been so thankful for electricity in my life. I am NOT the pioneering kind of woman. I appreciate what they went through and I enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the pictures, but no thank you.

Even though it doesn't look it, it was actually quite dark when Stephen took this pic. Perhaps Max & I's eyes give that away. We were still in somewhat good spirits as the electricity hadn't been out for too long. Well,Evelyn had had enough already. :)

I got camera happy. :)

Does anybody know what this thing is? Very pretty but what is it?

Max & his silly Christmas tree that dances and sings and lights and is just obnoxious but he loves it and there was no putting it away into the Christmas totes.

My sweet precious angel of love and joy and her beauty scar.

Happy girl