Sunday, September 18, 2011

Max starts school & other fun stuff

It is hard to believe but my baby boy has started school, preschool, altough he does go a full day 5 days a week just like "real" school. Gasp, I know. Being rural, we didn't have much of a choice so we decided to go for it. He is having sooo much fun there. He's pretty tuckered out at the end of the day & is "ready for momma to read a book & tuck him in" by 6:30! Lights out usually around 7. I am so proud of him. He has brought home all green smiley faces for attitude & behavior every day. Often times he'll tell me that so & so was "naughty" and they got a red mark. Ha!

How am I adjusting? Pretty well. The school day actually
goes by pretty quickly. I get some alone time with Evelyn & we go for stroller walks. The week seems long though and I am glad for the weekend to finally come so he can just rest & relax.

When I think about all those days at home with me when he was a baby & toddler, & I think "Wow, those days are over. This is it. Its school everyday from here on out until he leaves our little nest." That, THAT makes me sad. It brings tears to my eyes & a lump in my throat. He is growing up. He isn't a baby anymore. His heart is out there, sweet & vulnerable & precious. And that means a piece of my heart is out there too.

We put on the Armour of God in the car in the morning on the way to school and I pray God's protection over him. We pray for a fun day; learning, playing, sharing...

These pictures are from the Lincoln, Ne. Zoo. It is a wonderful zoo and Max loves it. This was Evelyn's first trip.

At the Moultrie-Douglas County Fair. Peace & flower power.

In front of shop this summer.

The oldest and youngest Peters. Edward and Evelyn, both with stunning blue eyes.

And lastly I leave you with this pic of our silly silly princess girl.

Photo credit is due to Gma' Elaine Peters. Thank you for sending us a disk with all of these wonderful photos on them. Priceless.