Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Max is 2!

On March 2, Max celebrated his golden birthday. He turned two years old! We got a giant chocolate chip cookie and sang Happy Birthday. He opened a couple of presents and then later in the week, Gma Lila and Gpa Mutache and big brother Will were here to help us celebrate. We had a scrumptious chocolate elmo cake with vanilla ice cream and then opened more presents and more and more and more.....We were/are truly grateful that gma & gpa made the long trek from Kansas. They were a joy and blessing to have. Max is lucky he has such amazing grandparents. Thank you Gma Lila, Gpa Mutache, Gma Elaine and Gpa Richard. We Love You!

Mmmm! Max loved the little confetti pieces on his giant cookie!

All this sugar is intoxicating!

Hooray for Elmo and Big Bird! -Oops accidentally deleted the pic of the cake. Still new at this blogging thing, not a pro yet like my sister Mindy! It was super cute though.

Max and Gma Lila

So Good!

Dive In

Max playing with his new piano. FYI-he has giant hands

and long fingers. :)

Here with big bro Will

Watching Veggie Tales video with Gpa "Mutache"
a Precious Picture