Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey Folks!

Hello! I finally found that adapter thingy! Yah! Thought I should get ya'll caught up so I sifted through photos of our summer and picked some of my faves. Scroll, scroll, scroll and scroll some more. Thats the drill with this not so computer-savvy chic. Highlites of the summer:
1. We Moved! During the most blistery hot weekend of the summer. To the country. 40 minutes from the U of I. We love it.
2. Will turned 10!
3. Sisters and Wilder came to visit
4. Experienced our first all day rain out 4th of July.
5. Went back to Kansas for Wilder's 1st birthday!
6. Max did slip n' slide for first time. We have hilarious video footage of this. We're talking "funniest home videos"type stuff.
7. Attended our first " pig roast" labor day celebration.
Enjoy all the photos! Sorry so many, but hey its been a while!
Max-just this morning on the way to school with a piece of granola bar stuck to his chin. Hmm. Did I get that off before he went in? oh well. Beautiful rainbow

Sisters visit

Sisters and our boys.

The Peters Boys/Men. I heart them all.

Tree climbing fun-Max almost made it. Hah!

Even the big boys had fun in Max's pool.

"Surprise lilys", "Naked ladies", or what have you.

The infamous walnut tree laying on the ground.

HHMMM-wonder what used to live in there!?

Max cheesin-duplicate style.
Sweet boy.

Max and me on the tree.

Lots of fun at the park.

THE. MOST. GIANT bug i've ever seen. In our firepit.

Crosby and Clapton Peters

Wilder excited about a kiss from cousin Max for his birthday

The beautiful Harris family.
Headed home from Gma and Gpa's house-Exhaustingly fun.

Max "playing" guitar hero. Check out that handwork.

Campfires in our own yard. Bye Bye bug. See previous photo.