Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 years.

Seven years ago today I married the love of my life. We were married almost exactly a year after we met. I was not looking for a "boyfriend" or love, certainly not marriage. I was looking forward to moving to my apartment in Kansas City and starting my new job & living in the "real world". I was going to save up for a shiny new red Ford Escape. I wanted one so badly. I still moved to the "big city" but I could not get this man off my mind. I felt differently about him than any other man. He truly made me feel special, like a princess. He respected me. He wanted to get to know me, the real me. I quickly realized that I was falling in love, we were falling in love, and Oh my gosh, what am I going to do? Well, we did what any rational couple would do-we got engaged! And then married 4ish months later! :)

Stephen, I love you with all my heart. Every day you make me feel like I am the most beautiful girl on the planet. You are caring & compassionate, intuitive, kind, wise, trusting and sooo romantic. Much more than me. :) You are an amazing father. We've been through so much already; ups and downs and we are stronger, better now. Thank you for understanding me, for your patience and unconditional love. Heres to 7 more years. Who woulda' ever thought?

I love you forever plus a week

Your wifey& firefly

When I married Stephen, I also had the great honor of becoming these precious little boys' stepmom. I still think they are precious even though they are now 14 and 12! They are a blast. It has truly been a joy. I love 'em.

I had my dream wedding. Outdoors in a beautiful courtyard, under the trees, nestled in the city with fresh flowers-even white folding chairs.

And here are some silly pics from Will's I-pod thing(I thought it was a phone, but it pretty much does everything except make phone calls, I'm so confused.)

Aneeways, here are some pics of our little lovies.

Mmhm, why yes I am very clean & squishy.
With her stethoscope.

Sweet Max. Will made this with CamWow!

Still getting kisses from my boy. Cherishing.

Oh, silly silly girrull. You make us laugh.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What We've been up to..& camera troubles

Were does the time go!? I just realized yesterday that I needed to get the tropical beach calendar in my kitchen switched to July..golly. And, that I really wanted to be in that picture. We've spent lots of time with big brothers Ed & Will. Wrestling, playing chasing/tag games, fishing, bbq-ing, building campfires, & pretty much anything "boyish" you can think of. :) We've gone to the pool many times & filled up our own pool at home, we've gone on walks (when weather permits), an auction, some shopping, and celebrated Independence Day. We lit a few of our own fireworks and watched the fireworks show from town on a blanket in our yard..I absolutely love the 4th..It has always been one of my favorite holidays. There's something magical about it, yet its so laid back..Did you see the sparkler pictures on Kiwi Freckles blog? They were amazing! Anywho.

And so, our camera will not let me download any new photographs. These pics I took & downloaded them before the camera was "acting up." I think it needs to go to time out. It will still let me take pictures but will not let me put them on the computer. Until we can get a new camera, I will just have to "deal".

Evelyn's first trip to the swimming pool. She did so well. Now, she really likes for me to hold her so that she kinda "floats" on her tummy. I think she is going to be a fish.

"Tummy time" together. Evie loves to reach out and grab Max & she likes to pull his hair too. They have such the sweetest little connection already. It makes my heart melt. He calls her "my baby girl"

Well, thats all I have for now. Hopefully, I will get this camera thing figured out-perhaps get a new one?!

Nigh Night & God bless