Friday, May 14, 2010

Neighborhood snapshots & more

As most of you know, we live in the country. I am pretty proud of this fact. We may not live in the grandest, fanciest of homes, but our surroundings are beautiful and our neighbors are salt of the earth people. Every day I am grateful for the scenery and for our little "retreat" nestled in the trees. I love that Max is getting to be a "country" boy and loving all of God's creatures. We recently put up a bird feeder & enjoy getting to watch goldfinch, cardinals, blue birds and some we can't quite figure out. We have grown used to the commute to grocery store, UofI campus, drs., resaurants, shopping, whatever. If we desperately need something, like milk or bread, tp... pop....chocolate..the BP is 3 min. up the road on the highway. You can even rent "yurself" a video there. What do you like about your neighborhood & your home? There is nothing like being able to go home and feel so relaxed, comfortable, yourself; surrounded by the things that you love and make you happy.

Max andMr. Toad

This old school house is just down the road. We walk there all the time.

Emma and Summer-mother & daughter

Honery boy-with dinosaur squirty-a new fave.

Huh? I wasn't suppose to pick this one mama?

Neighbors who graciously watch Max on occasion.

A sweet grandma lives here. She was an Avon rep back in the day. Boy would I love to see her vintage jewerly.

These fun folks just brought us farm fresh eggs and fresh garden grown asparagus.

Hey Bessy!