Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Evelyn's What I Wore

There is this old abandoned brick building in our small town downtown and I keep thinking, "Oh the endless photo possibilities!" So after a quick post office stop, Evie and I sauntered over for a quick photo session including an outfit change!  One of the things I would love to do with my blog is "What I Wore Posts."  I love fashion. (I believe people who are drawn to design/decorating often have a fashion sense about them as well) I'd love to provide other moms with affordable outfit ideas  and inspiration to look and feel their best even after kiddos!! We deserve it! Oftentimes, how we feel about ourselves on the outside is very connected to how we feel on the inside.  A trip to the salon, a new shirt or that perfect pair of jeans, a moisturizer, or nail polish even can do wonders for busy mom's well being! 
Always so curious.

Outfit one: shirt: old navy, leggings:gap, shoes:vintage chucks passed down from brother Max

Outfit 2: all Old Navy
Just be still my heart.

I get this look alot. She looks like she could kick some bootie. Oh, she already did when she was born. Its a good thing she's a "tough cookie"  Love my girl so much.
 Prayin the Lord's blessings in your day to day and that you get the time to find your something that makes you feel beautiful, happy.



Mindy Harris said...

oh sister sister SISTER!!!! i can't handle it! eeee! evie is pure perfection and i plan to just shower her with kisses/mangle her at christmas. i love the 2nd outfit. just to die for.
oh my word this is the best post ever!

Megan said...

Thank you Thank yousister! We had alot of fun doing it! I plan on getting copies made,Ill send you 1 or 2! LOVE

Erin said...

AWWWWWWWW~love this idea. I would wear both of her outfits!haha
She looks just like a little version of Meg.

Annie said...

What a doll she is! Those eyes are so beautiful - windows to a soul steeped in beauty!