Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Card

My Christmas Card to you all! Edward, Max, William & Evelyn Peters: my hearts.

My sweet baby girl! Her checkup went great! Her O2 levels were 98, blood pressure and heart rate all good...and her incision is healing very nicely. We are off medicine now and don't have to go back to St. Louis until February. The doctors will do an echo then to look at her heart and see how it is healing.

Yessy, my lungs work very well momma and I do Not want this hat on my head anymore!

My big brother Max holding my hand.

Max at St.Louis Children's Hospital with "Nellie". She was more well behaved than some of the children.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May you and your families be blessed as you all have blessed us with your thoughts and prayers! Glory to God!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Home At Last!

Yes, we are finally home. We got to come home on Thanksgiving day. We definitely had something to be thankful for this year.

Evelyn's surgery was on Nov. 17th. She went in at 11:45am and we did not get to see her until 8:30 that night. There were some unforseen problems with her coronary arteries that took some extra time to repair. Because of that, the surgeon kept her chest open for 2 days. It was terrifying. Her blood pressure, heart rate, & oxygen levels all plummeted. Her right lung collapsed. We were so scared. She responded well to some hard core meds and after two days they closed up her chest. They were able to take her off of the ventilator just a couple of days later. After that, her recovery just took off. "She is one tough cookie," said one of the nurses. Yep, she sure is. For the next 6 wks. we will have a nurse come to the house 2 times a week. Her first follow up cardiology apt. is next week. Pray all results come back normal.

We greatly appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers so much. We know that they helped us all survive this. What an amazing God we serve! He still does miracles today!

Our Miracle. A "Ray" of Light & Life

Praise Jesus! I'm home!

Finally out of the intensive care unit