Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dreams, Goals, Accomplishments yet "To Do"

As 30 drew near and as I settle in to being a 30 yr old, it brings much reminiscing of what I have accomplished with my time here on earth but also of what I would still like to achieve and dreams that I desire to be fulfilled. I got out a piece of paper and drew a line down the middle and wrote things down to help me sort it out in my brain. I love making lists; it helps me "sort" through all kinds of things. Settles my mind a bit. Anyway, I thought I would like to share some of these things with you, my few precious readers. So, here goes.
Accomplishments/Dreams fulfilled:
1. Water baptized at 11 & saved at a young age!
2. Graduated from highschool (with) a ceremony, some of you know what I mean.
3. Dream of becoming a cheerleader came true (cheered in junior college at ICC)
4. Was "cover girl" for K-State women's calender
5. Graduated with bachelor from Kansas State University
6. Have travelled to some cool places like Las Vegas, S. Padre Island, Panama City Beach, FL, Chicago, Minneapolis, Canada, Colorado, Bahamas.....
7. Trained myself and became a lifeguard
8. Found my prince charming and had our dream wedding a year later
9. Honeymooned in Maui
10. Became a MOMMY!
11. Became an Illinois country girl and a stay at home mommy.
So there is that. There are other things I have done that I am proud of too, as well as some things that I am not so proud of. But thats how we learn and grow, makes us stronger..
Now, here is a list of things I would still like to achieve..

To Do:

1. Become a Mommy for a second time!
2. Do some things to help serve in the church (like music, or nursery)
3. Continue to jog and eat well
4. Participate in a marathon to benefit a charity
5. Learn to play piano again
6. Take a ballet class
7. Make some new friends (not that I don't Love and adore my old friends!)
8. Continue to walk and grow closer to the Lord
9. Travel some new places (some faaaraway places like Europe, Australia, Isreal, Japan, and Alaska; and not so faraway places like NYC, LA, San Diego, Virgin Islands...oh and many more
10. Continue to do my paintings and pursue art gift/passion
11. Learn to sew a bit
12. Cook/bake a bit more
13. Start or join a book club
14. Own a cabin on the lake
14. Become an Auntie again! and again, Hi Sisters!
15. Buy Stephen a vintage corvette :)
16. Own a successful business in retro/vintage/shabby chic decor and assist people in their decorating needs
17. Take horseback riding lessons-get a horse too?
18. Take some more floral design classes
19Whew, I'm tired, I think thats good for now.....

I think by sharing these dreams and desires it will help hold me more accountable to actually following through with them. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read and let me share with you. Have a beautiful day my friends.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Decade!

I turned 30 years old yesterday. THIRTY years old um, young. For me, this has been an exciting one. As my sister said it "matches" where I am right now. I am glad to no longer be a twenty something. I feel great and eager to begin this new chapter in my life. I know the Lord has wonderful things in store.

Stephen had lots of surprises for me. I knew a trip to my favorite store at the mall was on the agenda but I had no idea he had secured a sitter for Max and checked us into the Marriott for the night. We dined at Ko-fusion, my favorite sushi and mojito place, and I was then surprised when one of my friends and her husband walked in to join us. I felt very blessed and special to receive such wonderful gifts of time and love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowy Days

Who says you can't get out and have some fun in the snow?! We had some sunshine, low winds and temps in the 20's so we got out of the house. I feel like we've been in hibernation with the bears, rabbits, frogs, fish and all the other various creatures that hibernate the winter away. So, we travelled a whopping distance of 10 miles to Walnut Point State Park (this place is beautiful and practically in our back yard), and "got out". Maxy wanted to camp, and picnic, and swing and slide but we told him we would have to wait till it wasn't quite so cold and the snow was all gone. We had fun taking pics and taking in the snowy scenery. There's something so quiet, peaceful, magical about snow. Especially when it sparkles like glitter in the sunlight. After the chilly sight-seeing, we had lunch at the White House Cafe in Oakland; a small town near the park. It was adorable and very clean with a white picket fence with plates and pictures of barns decorating the walls. I think we made a discovery. So, if you are tired of being in "hibernation", get bundled up, grab the hands of the people you love and go enjoy the wonder of snowy days.

This and the next 3 pics in our yard. Max keeps his elbows bent and hands straight out when he has on his big mittens. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Peters family Christmas in Nebraska

Due to the weather, it delayed our trip up to NE one day. We stayed one night and the next day Stephen and I drove to Iowa to go pick up the big boys. We celebrated our Christmas with fantastic appetizers, great fellowship and exchanging of gifts. Gma Elaine and Gpa Richard are wonderful hosts. They love a full house of family and friends. They recently remodeled their basement with a newer space for the pool/ping pong table which is becoming more popular as the boys get bigger. Jen (my sister-in-law) and I went to pick up everbody's favorite for dinner, Valentinos pizza. Yummers! A big breakthrough happened while we were there. Max started going peepee in the potty. He calls it makin' a river. Thanks Gma Elaine for your help! And, our big giant Christmas gift to the whole family from Rich and Elaine-dun da da dun..a Peters family vacation to Marco Island!! We are so excited and appreciative of this great opportunity for family fun in the island sun!!

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree

Max's new doggy from U. David. Calls him Haley doggy. But its a boy.

U. David and Edward

Cousins Ben and Hannah

Vintage ornaments that were Stephen's grandma Elda Peters.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dunning family Christmas in Kansas

During the few precious days we have for Christmas vacation, we manage to squeeze in quite a bit. We traveled first to Kansas to celebrate with my family and then up to Nebraska with Stephen's family (more pics to follow on that). Momma and Daddy always help make Christmas so very special. (One of my growing favorites is the family tradition of Daddy reading the Christmas story while we huddle around the tree waiting to open presents.) This year after an extremely tense-filled journey we were surprised with a brand new, comfy, pillow top queen sized mattress for our room. This replaced the teeny, tiny sink in the middle, balance on the edge, double bed that we were using. We were thrilled. They also picked out an enormous real Christmas tree for indoors and a special blue spruce they planted outdoors. There was heavenly food to boot, (I couldn't stop eating), festive decorations and presents galor. It was wonderful. But, none of these things could ever amount to the greatest gifts of all....the gifts of true friendship and loyalty; family and unconditional love; children laughing, playing, crying, sleeping....welcoming warmth and new babies to come...and celebrating the birth of our Savior who without Him these gifts would not be possible.

Gpa "Mutach" and his grandsons

Sister and BFFs for life

Cousin bath time-a first

Opening presents

Oooh, batteries!

Sisters and honorary sisters.