Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Where the heck is my camera to computer hookup thingy?! Sometime since my last post it has gone missing. I can not find it anywhere and I have pics
that I would love to share with you.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying our country home and working on
projects daily. We survived our first big storm out there but a 150 yr. old walnut
tree did not. We are sawing him down slowly and his piles of wood are beautiful!
Widdle anyone? Hi Daddy! This has also brought on endless hours
of entertainment for Max. "Whoolnuts"(Maxy says), sticks, and leaves to boot.
We acquired two kittens this past weekend. A black tortise female we named Crosby
and a gray/white male tabby we named Clapton. Music fans see where we got the names?
We went to the town of Paris to explore and visit the Farmer's Market
and came home with 2 kittys. Oops.
It was all Max's idea.
If you are wondering about Stephen's allergies, he decided to give it another try.
He has not had to use his inhalers yet. Praise the Lord.
Hopefully, I will find that adapter thingy so that I might share photos of the fun we've
had on the farm the past month. That or buy a new one. I think you can buy those right?