Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Right Place

So I have been compelled to share this little story with you all...
A sweet friend of mine I hadn't spoken with in a while text me the other morning.  Just "Hey, Good Morning! I miss you, how are you?!" I was thrilled to hear from her. We used to have lunch together at the shop on Thursdays until she got promoted at her job. She is a radio personality at our area Christian radio station, WBGL.  So, I text her back.."We r good, busy, Evelyn turned 2! Goodness! And will you just please keep her in your prayers, we are headed back to Children's Hospital this month and she has a leaky valve.."

She said of course she'd pray, in fact they would pray at their morning prayer meeting at the radio station that morning.
So flash to about 9:30 that night.  I'm driving home from putting in some work at our new studio location, about an hour drive from home. I'm listening to WBGL but feeling really tempted to switch stations, see whats playing on top 40 or classic rock or something.  At that very moment, I hear my dear friend's sweet voice come on the radio.  She is saying, "my friend that I text with this morning; her daughter just turned 2; she had open heart surgery at just 9 days old and she is going back to Children's this month..& we prayed for her this morning..Do you have a prayer request? We would love to say a prayer for you here...
I couldn't believe it. My jaw hung open and I just thought "Ok Lord, I hear ya, I trust you!" He was speaking to me right in that moment.  Knowing that I've been more anxious about this visit, knowing that I was feeling tempted in that moment to switch stations, knowing that I needed comforting.
I text my friend and told her the story of what happened and I thanked her for allowing the Lord to use her. 
"He put you in the right place at the right time" she said

The Lord is with us friends. Always. He's near and He cares. So much. Just stop for a moment and listen.


Erin said...

What an encouraging tid bit to hear on a Monday morning! :) We will be praying for Evie's visit too! How reassuring to hear such a confirming word from the Lord!

Mindy Harris said...

wow that's the most awesome story, sister!
what date is evie's visit?
i love that she and max look like little models in these pics
(and always)
love you, thank u for sharing!