Thursday, November 8, 2012

Evelyn turned 2 today!

My goodness, it is hard to believe that 2 years have already gone by since Evelyn came into our lives and changed us forever.  She came out looking so perfect and healthy that it was hard to imagine that inside, her heart needed to be fixed.  I held on to her extra long tonight as I rocked her and tears came to my eyes thinking about the short 2 or 3 minutes we were able to hold her after she was born before they "whisked" her away.  It was 3 days after that before I would get to hold her again. 
When I find the time, I plan on writing and sharing Evelyn's complete story. Starting from the day we recieved the devasting, gut wrenching, heart aching news that our baby had a serious problem to the day we finally got to bring our princess home. 

We celebrated with a small family party tonight. It was sweet and perfect.  Evelyn had already had a big day so she was tired. But, she's a trooper and she loved opening gifts, blowing out her candles and eating cake.  She even started saying Happy Birfday! 
Her favorite gift was her baby cabbage patch doll from Gma Lila and Gpa Mutache.  She kept putting the binky in her mouth over and over and over..

before her open heart surgery which was at 9 days
Evelyn has come so far.  We are due back to St.Louis Children's Hospital the end of this month.  We continue to give God all the glory for what He has done. We trust in Him & rely on Him every day knowing that His plan & purpose is always best!
at 7 mo.
1 year birthday

happy happy birthday my sweet blue eyed baby girl. Mommy and Daddy love you dearly.  You have changed our lives more that you can ever know. Always.

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Mindy Harris said...

oh i am going absolutely nuts over this post, sister! evie truly looks like angel with her super light blonde hair. such a beauty. i love the cabbage patch dolly! i'm going to look for one for story. do you have a vintage table in your kitchen now?? it's so cool! the cake is adorable, too! thanks for making us feel like we were there. the Lord is so, so good.