Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ahh, those lazy days of...Spring!

Today was a lazy day. With warm temps and spring breezes we mostly chilled on the patio. I relished in the fresh air; faintest hint of freshly mowed grass from the neighbors. I soaked in the beauty and innocence of my babies and still could not get enough. I never do, I never will. I took lots of pics. Trying to catch, keep and bottle up these moments in time. I'm just so darn crazy about them.

Warmer weather also means little onesies. More opportunities to adore the rolls! Max drew his first "baby" today. An oval, 3 dots for eyes & nose, a line for the smile. It was amazing. :)

More Rolls! FYI-she did not wear that bow all day. Just for pictures. We are not quite that put together. :)

Yes, she's a thumb sucker-only when hers is gettn' sleepy..

Fresh ice tea with lemon and girl scout cookies. This past week I got to spend with my parents. All week! 5 nights! It was wonderful. I don't have the luxury of having them around very often. They were a blessing. My mom loves ice tea. She had some leftover in our fridge & I made more. They helped with the kids, cleaned, did laundry, brought gifts and necessities and spoiled me. We even loaded up and drove to Wisconsin to stay with my A. Tam a couple nights. We had a blast celebrating her & my grandma's b-days. My grandma lives in this amazing Catholic nursing home with bunnies. Real bunnies. It didn't even smell bad there.

And, my latest painting. I call it "Tropical Storm" & it is for sale in my vintage shop.