Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter's Last Hurrah-Hopefully!

We had a blizzard blow through, hopefully the last one of the season.  Rather than wallow inside, we got out and embraced the winter white wonderland. Max had a snow day and the kids were super excited to get out and build a Mr. Frosty, make snow angels and throw snow balls.  We even sang "Frosty the Snowman" whilst building our new friend. Evelyn fell in love with Mr. Frosty over the holidays.  She was a super trooper the entire time until it came time for the photo shoot with Frosty.  Then, she was "all done," "Go inside momma."  Ok, sweet girl, lets get some quick pictures then we can go inside for some hot chocolate. 
Max said, "I'll hold his hand ok?!"

She was joyful until picture time. :)

Max loves to take pictures. Even with unwilling participants.

Frosty is sportn' Daddy's vintage hot doggon ski cap. :)

Cheers to Mr. Frosty. Its been real. Now move on over for the Easter bunny.


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