Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wear Spring Green!

Ok, so I know that I already mentioned that I am ready for spring but I will just say it again. I am ready for spring. Hoping to beckon on the spirit of spring, I decided to wear a combo of  kelly green & pink.   I mean, who doesn't love lush green grass & pretty pink flowers.  Mind you, a blizzard came blowing through our way today. Go figure. 
Option 1:  A lightweight green sweatshirt worn over pink gingham button up top

Option 2:  Pink gingham top worn under same kelly green color but only in a cardi instead.

Which would you wear? The green cardi or green sweatshirt? 
Pink gingham top: J-Crew factory
Kelly green cardi: Old Navy
Green sweatshirt: J-Crew factory
Jeans: Gap
Pastel pink chucks: gift from forevs ago
Rosette headband: hand-crafted by me available in my shop. :)
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Thanks for stopping by friends!  Hope spring is coming to your neighborhood soon. :)


Andrea Merrigan said...

Cute outfit...makes me want to go shopping. Darn budget is not fun sometimes.

LoveCaroline said...

I would wear a green cardigan. I love your outfit! You looks so cute!
New follower! Would love for you to check out my blog!



Franziska said...

I can't decide! a year ago I would have said cardigan definitely but now I really find myself gravitating towards sweaters so.....BOTH! ;)

Melissa Chambers said...

I found your blog through "What I Wore Wednesday". I love the green and pink! I loved it so much I went and bought it immediately! Can't wait to wear it. Super cute!
Thanks for sharing!