Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage treasures!

I love going treasure hunting for my shop & home.  The only problem is that often times I want to keep what I have found for the shop.  It is a challenge, but I also don't want to be put on "hoarders" so  if I decide to keep something for the home, something else has to go to the shop. And, sometimes I'll bring something back home from the shop.  I can switch things up if I feel like it.  My home & shop are always changing.  My poor husband.  "oh, yes, by the way honey, I decided to rearrange the living room while you were at work today." 
  I go "shopping" for the shop every week to keep new things coming in.  Sometimes I only have a couple hours here & there to squeeze it in and usually I have to drag one of the kids with me.  But they are troopers about it. Seriously.  They are gonna be scoutn' for me by the time they are teenagers.  They will know the ropes. 
The latest vintage treasures from my last shopping trip: Clockwise from top left: little metal boxes w/plastic drawers perfect for sitting on your desk for office or craft supplies.  My plan is to peel off those labels & give em a good scrub.  might even spray paint the fronts of the little drawers, metal globe w/zodiac signs, set of 4 aqua & gold glasses, old metal fan & milk glass sugar container, silly owl coffee mug,  1956 better homes & gardens decorating book. (I am keeping this.) :}

And the biggest score: A set of  vintage industrial adjustable seat drafting stools.  I love the wooden seat with the metal back & legs.  If you know anything about design or decorating, you will know that the "industrial" look is the new up & coming style. I found 3.  I will keep 1 to put at my art table & I suppose I will have to sell the pair.  If I had a bar height kitchen island/table in my house, well, lets just say they would all be staying in my house.  heehee:)

And, whilst mommy was busy snapping all of these photos of my newfound vintage treasures, Evelyn climbed up in "the wagon"-thats what we call our suv-and decided to drive in mommy's seat. She even found my giant diet coke.  I had left the door open after unloading all of my treasures and the little princess found her way in.  Don't worry gma's & gpa's, the keys were Not in the wagon!

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