Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Farmhouse Market

Last weekend I got to set up for my shop Just Vintage and hang out at The Farmhouse Market with my friend Darby of Underground Vintage Studio.  We had a blast "shopping" our own booth.  We love supporting each other's small businesses and encouraging each other to pursue our dreams!  I am thankful Every. Single. Day that I am able to do what I love for a "job."
It is not work.  It is fun. 
What a blessing.
And the weather was absolutely gorgeous that day!
All Smiles.

Vintage treasures!

Handmade rosette necklaces and hair accessories

Purchased one of Darby's hoop arts for meself.
Ornamental lawn owls. Love
Jackson was our audience as we ate our lunch. :)
Gracey. Eeeeee.
Metal wire baskets=stylish storage

I want this metal glider.

We jabbered all day.

And, of course I couldn't leave ya hanging without a couple pics of my babies.  Max got "glow in the dark" jammies from gma Lila and gpa Alan and here is standing under the lamp "charging" them so they glow better once he goes to bed. :)

And my baby girl with bed head. Her hair is always wild when she gets up from her naps!
Thats all for now friends! 


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