Friday, October 19, 2012

My Influence

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Influence Conference. I was stoked to get to  spend time with my sister, Mindy, but had no idea, really, what to expect from the conference.  I just knew that it was Christ centered, 2 hrs from home, and my sis would be there.  I can't even begin to explain how blessed I was.  I was overwhelmed in sooo many good ways.  There were times I had to "sneak" off to my room and take breaks just to process everything.  I was meeting and engaging with awesome women left and right, bawling my eyeballs out listening to some of the speakers and laughing till my cheeks and throat hurt. 
Now, I am not a "big" blogger ya'll but I was moved, I was inspired and I didn't feel for one second that I wasn't "good" enough because my blog is small.  You see, EVERY woman has something to offer, something to give and we all have a story to share.  We ALL have influence, unique to our personal trials, tribulations, and triumphs!  In Emily Freeman's session she quoted Mark Batterson, "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called!" Isn't that awesome! 
 I prayed that God would bring the women along my path that I could connect with/relate to. And, you know what? He absolutely did! I met so many great women and I have like no pics to show off all of their beautiful faces! One of the very first gals I met,Amber, is married to a pediatric cardiologist. And, if you all know Evelyn's story, that was something friends! My eyes welled with tears as I got to share Evie's story with her.  I realized right then and there that I have a responsibility to share Evie's story because that is where Jesus met me. He made me desperate for Him and I experienced His strength, grace and love like never before.."God redeemed that". Those were Casey Wiegand's words when she spoke of the precious life she lost. 
God is raising up in this Influence community hearts that are on fire for Him and ready to make Influence for Him.  Besides being with Mindy (we quickly became known as "TheSisters")  my favorite part was Sat. night.  The conference ended in a worship session.  I'm sure the Lord was looking down on us with the biggest grin ever as He saw women being real and raw with their mascara running, and their balled up keenexs ..I was exhausted and renewed at the same time.  Can't wait till next year!
The Sisters

One of my precious new friends. Lena in our matching Borrowed Lark headbands.
opening ceremony. photo via Casey Wiegand
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Mindy Harris said...

great post, sister! i'm so honored to have shared the influence experience with you. the Lord is good!