Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Budoir tour

One of the questions I get asked the most running a vintage shop besides
"Where do you get all your stuff?"
"So, is your house decorated 'with all this stuff'?" 
 I always say it is a work in progress because it is. It is constantly changing and evolving. (I'm sure that drives the hubs crazy, although he's probably used to my whims by now.) Anyway, just when I am satisfied with one little area, I will want to change another.  My home is my canvas. Items leave my home and head to the shop and vice versa! Sometimes I will decide I want to take something back home from the shop because well, really I would be very sad to sell it! 
So, I decided I would start a little sorta "mini series" if you will, of snapshots of our humble abode.  I'm beginning w/the bedrooms.  My husbands and I's first (Mainly cause it needed a good cleaning/decluttering)  And, I want to document all the bedrooms looking clean!

Stephen picked out this bedding for us nearly 8 yrs. ago and I still love it!  Bamboo shades from Lowes and curtains from Target. My baby girl cheesin'.   
This dresser was a mother's day gift that I had picked out.  Athough it is not mid-century modern in design it is still very old and I love it.

White shelf from Pottery Barn forevs ago. Barnwood or thrifted frames and vases.  On my dresser is a vintage oval vanity mirror which holds perfumes and some of my other very favorite photos. I love my stacked vintage jewelry boxes.  On top is my new "Live Creatively" leather cuff bracelet by La Bella Perlina designs.  It is awesome.

The nightstand lampshade is vintage, vase is from my sister and two of my favorite books One Thousand Gifts and the Bible. A vintage birdie print in a super cool frame and some wedding photos. :)

Welp, that concludes our bedroom tour. It has a certain shabby chic flair and I love having calming soothing colors in the bedroom. Athough it is small (I'd love to have a bigger closet and a master bath) it forces us to keep things orderly and to purge often.  I'm a firm believer that your bedroom should be your quiet retreat. A place to rest and recharge your soul.  So don't let bills or family laundry pile up in there!  :)
Goodnight ya'll! Thanks for stopping by my little place!

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