Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tea Parties & Play-doh

      Its been bone freezin cold here so we've been doing lots of indoor activities and having fun pajama days. 
                                              Those are just the best sometimes. 
I love watching Evelyn's play develop. She is more interested in make believe and can now stick with one activity for more than 5 minutes. Ha!

She's a silly girl, full of funk and spirit and orneryness.
She loves playing tea" pahty".  After she "refills" my tea she says Thank you! Often Barbie or other baby dolls will join in on the fun
Max concentrating on sculpting a masterpiece

Max at 2 1/2ish, I believe, making homeade play-doh. 

Here is a recipe for homeade play-doh(This makes a big batch, so we divided into 4 sections then colored each one a different color.)
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
1pkg unsweetened koolaid or food coloring
3T baby oil
1 cup boilng water
Mix dry ingredients, add oil and water and mix well. Store in air tight containers.
Enjoy!  Warning: you will kinda want to eat it. Just remember, it is not cookie dough, it is not cookie dough! :)


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Mindy Harris said...

sister you have one of those vintage kid's sized tables? i saw one but it was like $175. love these pics! eeee! makes me miss you all so much.