Wednesday, May 23, 2012

News on Evelyn's checkup

We are back from St. Louis Children's Hospital and although we didn't receive horrible news, it wasn't all perfect news either.  The cardiologist said that Evelyn has a mild aortic insufficiency.  This is a small leak of blood flow that gows back down into the left ventrical of the heart as the aorta is pumping blood out to the body.  In most cases it develops gradually and the heart compensates for it. But it can also become severe that surgery would be required.  The doctor wants to keep a close eye on it & rather than going back a year from now we are going  back in November. He said that overall he was pleased and that it is not a complete surprise to see the AI after having the arterial "switch" operation.

Did I want to hear that everything was perfect?  You bet!  Am I worried? Of course, I'm a mama and she's my baby. I don't want her to hurt.  I want her to be able to do all the things that little girls like to, jump, play, dance..climb trees in her case. :)  But I cling to the hope and strength that God gives trusting in His plan, knowing that He is in control. I ask that you would please continue to keep Evelyn in your prayers.  I believe that God is our healer and that when we go back in November there could be no sign of the AI! 


Annie said...

Megan, your baby is such a darling! Although you didn't get a "Perfect" report, what you got was another chance for God to prove to you His healing power and faithfulness. I will continue to pray for Evie. Glad she is doing so well otherwise. Max is growing up so fast! Both of your little ones are so beautiful. Enjoy these days with them - they go by so fast :)
Anna Belle

A Modern Hippie said...

She is so adorable. I will be praying for her, she is added to my prayer list on my mirror!