Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beach Vacation part one!

Hi friends!  Summer is flying by huh?!  Here it is the first of July and I'm finally getting some vacay photos up from the first of June.  We started off our summer with an entire week in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. It is a town on the Outer Banks islands off the coast of NC. To the N. is Kitty Hawk and to the S. is Nags Head. It was such a beautiful relaxing place. The Wright Brothers memorial was across the way from the 3-story beach front home we were fortunate to stay in.  We shared this home with Stephen's family.  His parents orchestrated the trip and made it all possible..We are so grateful.  We had such an amazing time and I had serious beach withdrawls when we got back to our cornfields. :) There is something for me about seeing the ocean, feeling the sand under my toes, hearing the waves crash, smelling the fresh beach smell; my heart expands, swells and my soul deeply breaths in the beauty and grandour of God's creation.  
My sweet babes. Edward, William, Max and Evelyn.
By the end of the trip, I had to keep her from just running out into the ocean waves on her own. She truly loves the water. My sun princess

Oh I just love love this. She may have eaten a few grains of sand with those goldfish too. Just a little. :)
Building sandcastles or maybe just scooping and digging.
Isn't this sign so retro cool!  It reminded us of our sign for the shop. Of course we had to eat there.

A hang gliding kite sits atop the sand dunes. You can make out a parasailing kite in the distance.

We were walking at the base of the sand dunes here on our way to the hang gliding area. A hurricane dropped several inches of rain at the base. The water was so clean and felt so cool to walk through with the wet sand underneath.

It was truly breathtaking. 

Max & Will going for a kayak ride.  Uncle David "paddles".

Max, shovel, bucket, beach=endless hours of happy and fun

Family prortrait

Gma and Gpa Peters and their grandbabies
Max "posing" ha!

Evelyn's very first time on the beach. Timid day one, ready for lifeguard training by day 7!
These are about half of the photos I wanted to post but I think I was overwhelming blogger. So, I will post the rest in a part 2 edition for ya'll.

Night night

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Annie said...

Loved your vacation pics, Megan. Especially liked the one of Max posing! Glad you could get away and enjoy a good time with your family.
Anna Belle