Thursday, May 26, 2011


We are back from our camping adventures & I look like a candy cane. Burnt in places I apparently didn't apply enough sunscreen & white in places that failed to see much sun. Anywho, that really doesn't matter. Really. We had a great time relaxing in God's creation as well as some stressful times battling the elements. Have you ever been inside a tent while it was raining, thundering & lightning, winds you thought might blow you away while your husband was outside trying to hold down your protective covering? We could be on the next season of survivor.

We took in breathtaking views of Lake Shelbyville, roasted marshmellows on the campfire, caught up on reading and soaked in the warm sun, when it was shining. We even got really brave & laid out on rafts. The water was freezing!

Me & mr. toad. Isn't he cute? Me & my cousins used to go "toad hunting" at my grandparents. We would see who could catch the most or who could catch the biggest. I caught the biggest one of all. Still hold the record.

Leftover sparklers. Fun!

Stephen got to do lots of fishing. He likes fishing for bass. He's pretty good at it.

Chilln' at the campsite. Angler bait shop.

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Mindy M. Harris said...

oh it looks like a wonderful time, sister. love the heart made of rocks. i didn't know the weather was bad but i guess that makes sense!