Thursday, June 9, 2011

7 Months Yesterday

Its hard to believe but my baby girl turned 7 months yesterday. Boy, this time with them sure is precious. Seems just yesterday we were finally able to bring her home from the hospital. She has changed my life more than she will ever know. Every day I look at her and especially when I see her beauty scar, I am reminded of God's miracles and His Love and His Faithfulness that is beyond my comprenhsion.

Evie weighs 14lbs. 80z., & is 25 5/8 inches long. She loves tummy time & can roll tummy to back and back to tummy. She says dadada, mamama, bababa, & gggggss. She loves to "blow spit" and "squeals". (Maybe she is copying mommy's squeals?!) She sucks her left thumb when she is sleepy and wants to fall asleep. She can almost sit on her own. She has 3 or 4 bottles of formula a day & a veggie & a fruit. Her favorite is nanas so far. She smacks & sticks out her tongue when she eats. Its so funny. And messy.

She loves to be outside and I think she's gonna love flowers just as much as her momma. Her laugh is contagious. She adores her brother and thinks he is funny.

She's got her momma's big blue eyes and her daddy's smile. She gives us many different "expressions". She loves when we sing & listen to music.

You melt my heart in a million pieces. Mommy can never get enough of you. You are my princess angel of love and joy and beauty. I love you always and forever baby girl.

And just thought ya'll like to see the first "real" fish I've ever caught. (Meaning not a baby) I reeled him in back at my hometown, KS, at our dear lifelong family friend's gorgeous pond. And, the headband I'm wearing I made. I am copying my sister's idea and making them to sell in my shop. :)

Goodnight and God Bless.


Mindy Harris said...

really love this post, sister. evie is adorable and i miss her and all of you so much already.
so you must've gone fishing, too? and you are touching the fish? eek!! you look so pretty in the pics.

Wade and Megan said...

Evie is so precious! I definitely noticed her beautiful eyes...just like yours! Love the big fish! I agree with Mindy...eek! It always creeped me out to touch them. I made my dad do that part :)