Saturday, May 21, 2011

1000 Gifts

I'm sure many of you have heard of Ann Voskamp's book 1000 Gifts. If you have not read it, I highly recomend it. It is both inspiring & challenging. Poetic. Its one of those books where after you read a paragraph you go Oh, wow, I need to read that again. It gets you thinking in new ways. Living in each & every moment & finding the beauty & grace in even the littlest things. God is giving us all of this & we often fail to see it. He desperately wants our communion & He is saying, Look! smell! Listen! I love you!

I started my own 1000 gifts journal. It may take me a year to do it but it can help me get through each day. And, some days, I might not get anything written down..

Here's what I've got so far:

1. singing birds out the window

2. sunshine! finally!

3. baby girl big morning grins

4. clean soap skin smell on the husband

5. lingering hugs of the little boy

6. big brother's prayer for his little sister

7. husband bringing home all the groceries

8. freshly cut grass.

9. horse's wispy tails

10. a "spiritual foods" package from my parents

11 wet bubbly baby skin

12. little boys big dimple on his cheek

13. New products-mascara, Garnier spf moisturizer, self tanner, & coconut smelling sunscreen :)

14. hummingbird flitting about the new flowers...

Will anyone else join me in this challenge? I promise it will be worth it. Plus, it would give you an excuse to go find a cute new journal. :0

Praire Gardens family outing.

On another note, the hubbs & I are headed for vacation tomorow. If you call camping vacation which , I do. We will get to lounge the days away by the lake. Read, sleep, eat, soak in sun. Repeat. Will update with some pics later. Have a blessed weekend!


Steve Finnell said...

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Mindy M. Harris said...

love this post sister!