Sunday, April 29, 2012


This month has been awesome & flying by just like the rest.. My parents got to come for a week & it was just wonderful to have them around.  I miss them. They spoil me & are a big help with the kids. I wish alot that we lived closer so we could all be more involved in eachother's day to day.  But, that is not the case so we make the most of the time we do get, cherish it & milk it for all we can.  We also got to go to Wisconsin to see my aunt, uncle & grandma.  My aunt is a great host & we could talk for hours about vintage treasures..(Her house is full) She shared some with me.  I am lucky. :)  It was sweet visiting my gma & I believe there were times she knew exactly who I was.
My sweethearts in our neighbor's bluebell patch
The Peters kids getting ready for a campfire.  Evelyn assuring Max's jacket is zipped.

Country Living..old tree trunks, tractors, toads and trees trees trees
My blue eyed girl loves the country

Four generations here folks! Pretty cool. Pictured LtoR: Max, my mother holding Evelyn, my grandmother & me.
Already sneaking into momma's wallet..oh my my my..she thinks she's being sneaky.

This day I praised Jesus because I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to share my testimony for the first time at my Mops group.  I pray my story will help give women hope, strength & courage, & a deeper desire to walk with their Savior.

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