Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Beautiful March

We are off to a great start for spring. I almost feel like we didn't even have a winter. Almost. But really we only had like 2 or 3 small snows. We have been soaking in sunshine & relishing the great outdoors as much as possible. We have realized that our baby girl is a true "nature" girl. She adores being outside. Prefers it to the indoors & usually fusses when its time to go in. You can just see it in her..Its no wonder as both her momma & daddy love the outdoors as well.

On another note, the shop was given a wonderful opportunity with a segment on a local tv show called Ci Living. We felt so blessed to be a guest & for the free exposure this brought to the shop. Even though I was a ball of nerves preparing, when it actually came time, I know the Lord helped calm my nerves..It was a Live taping by the way! They even let me "redo" their set, removing their furniture & replacing it with mine. So fun! It was fun to see & hear local tv personalities peeking in & commenting on the new "retro" set.

Getting ready for my tv debut! Ha

Having fun on set

On air in 30 seconds! Yes, they actually countdown.

Just Vintage redos the WCIA-3 studio
Look how windy it was this day! Really, I'm not blowing a fan in her face like they do for the models or anything! All natural baby.

My nature girl & I's day trip to Walnut Point. I packed a picnic lunch not sure how she would do but she sat on the blanket the whole time while we ate our lunch. My heart was melting.

I'm just a little bit onery. Wee bit.

Stephen said that in some of the pictures she looks like a camp counselor saying to the campers "Come on guys, lets go."
Stephen & I also squeezed in a trip to Indiana. We went to Nashville, Indiana one of the days & went to all these cute little shops. You know I love my palm trees so had to get a pic next to this "one" covered in license plates.
Max turned 5 on Mar. 2nd. Seems like this birthday was a big one. He's grown so much just in the past few months & is becoming more & more independent. He is smart, sweet, caring, outgoing, clever, social, & he's a terrific negotiator. I wonder how much longer he will want me to pick him up & carry him to bed, sing him a nigh' night song, & give him a hug & kiss on the lips..I am hoping his love for books will be my excuse to snuggle in close & read to him or watch/listen to him read to me for lots more years to come. And, we finally got a swing up for him. Gma Elaine & Gpa Rich came out for a visit & it was a good project for the guys.

In todays news, my baby girl & I went to the Factory Art Studios & visited our friend Darby at her Underground Vintage Studio. It is always so fun to see Darby & soak in all the artsy creativeness going on in that place. I came home with two new awesome pillows but would have come home with a whole wagon load if I could. :)

That is a chicken mcnugget in her hand. Oh goodness.

Yes, praise Jesus for this glorious day. Thank you for all that You do for us big & small each & every day.

Hope you enjoyed all the pics. I know there was alot!



Erin said...

So Adorable!!!!! Love all of the pics!!!! Love that Evie is such a nature girl! :) She is getting so big.
And love the chicken nugget...hhaha.
Love you!

Mindy Harris said...

wonderful post. i loved it sister. evie is so cute. first pics i've seen of her walking, i think.

A Modern Hippie said...

I love being able to catch up with you on the blog. I'm so glad you are doing what you love!