Friday, March 18, 2011

Evie's Room; Vintage Goodies

This post has a little bit of everything.

My sister Mindy and I's love for vintage blossomed at an early age. We saw our parents' love and appreciation for antiques and vintage things growing up. The thrill of hunting for that special something is half the fun. They certainly passed down this "gene" to us girlies..Mindy, her daughter Story and my mom recently made the long trek out here to visit. It meant so much to have them and although the visit was short, I will cherish those moments. They help me get through to the next time I will get to see them.

1970's S&P shakers, vintage reversible apron, 1950's "Chocolate Treats" small recipe book.

Vintage earrings, yellow necklace, blue/green necklace and bracelet. Total $8.

We had a "photo shoot" with our little girlies, in matching dresses from Grammie Lila. It was hilarious. Sister insisted on more lighting so she turned this lamp on that we have but never use cause if you do it smells like burnt ladybugs and, well, it stunk up the whole room & grammie was walking around with the air freshener spray & Evie couldn't sit up on her own for that long and there was slobber & drool & leg rolls &....I laughed so hard I cried. God knew I needed that.

Preciousness and beauty and purity.

Evie's room.

Blocks & toy are vintage. Booties were a gift from Gpa. Richard. His momma made them in the 1940's in hopes that he would be a girl. I had the wooden shelf and painted and distressed it. Button frame I made, vintage little girl pic. found for $5. The book holders on the wall I found at garage sale for .20 cents & I painted & distressed them & filled with vintage children's books.
The picture with them is vintage from Auntie Mindy.
Crib was Edwards, then Will, then Max and now Evie. :)) Rocker is antique from Gma. Elaine
Changing table was Maxs and the small pink vintage hamper was a gift from my Aunt Tam a long time ago. Evelyn blankie from cousins Ben & Hannah. The pink teddy was her first "pink thing" from Childrens Hospital in St. Louis. The "E" hook was Anthropologie sale.

Baby girl is thriving. A Trip is scheduled to Childrens Hospital St. Louis in May.


The Frugal Family said...

Megan, you and your sister are so cute! I love the pics of the babies! They are so sweet!!!

Andrea said...

How cute...I love the picture of the girls in matching dresses. Mindy told me you have your own little antique shop....way to go!

Mindy M. Harris said...

i loved this post and how you profiled evie's room. everything has a story.

Cherish Stockdale said...

you and mindy look so cute! :) how fun to have a close sister! (i only have a brother)
evie's room is super adorable. good job & those vintage finds swoon!!!