Saturday, December 5, 2009

Homeade Play dough fun

I still love to play with play dough. I have many fond memories of squeezing, squishing,rolling, shaping and smelling. So, when I recieved a homeade recipe from Gma Elaine I couldn't resist. And, of course I thought Max would really enjoy it too and that he could help me make it. We measured, poured, mixed, kneeded and.. WaaLaah! We had play dough! Cool!
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
1pkg unsweetened kool aid or food coloring ( We used food coloring)
3 T baby oil
1 cup boiling water
Mix dry ingred. add oil & water, mix well and store in air tight container.

Note: We divided play dough into four sections then added different food colorings to each one.

Warning: You may be tempted to eat it. (Remember when you were a kid?) It looks and feels like real yummy dough. Even smells good too.

Confession: I did....actually......sneak a Liiiitle teeeeny tiny bite-when Max was looking the other way of course. Didn't taste like what you'd imagine. So, watch your little one-or yourself. ;)