Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween. I am not a huge fan of the holiday, but I do think dressing up and getting candy sure is fun. When I was little, we didn't go trick or treating, but as I got older I got to take my little sissy a few times. And once I started college there were lots of costume parties. This Halloween, we were one little pirate family. The idea came from one of Max's favorite videos, a Veggie Tales video about Jonah that features silly pirates. AAARRRHHH!!!! So, when I stumbled upon his costume, (I wasn't even shopping for that and it was the only one left in his size) I thought perfect! Max was such a big boy really getting to trick or treat for the first time. He would say "trick or treat" before they even answered the door but he was very good at saying thank you! The next day he wanted to wear his pirate costume again. :) So, dessert for a while now will be dumping the candy contents from the plastic pumpkin and deciding on which treat to eat. And sharing a few with mom and dad of course.


Mindy M. Harris said...

you guys are so cute. every post makes me cry, dangit. max looks like stephen. your hair is so long and pretty.
and i see the ladybugs!

Wade and Megan said...

You make a cute pirate family!