Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bathtime and other favorites

One of my very favorite times with Max is his bedtime routine. We start with a warm bubbly bath, which usually has mommy wanting to take one too; brush our teeth-a work in progress; pick out jammies- elmo's world, dinosaurs, or motorcycles; and-of course-read books. His favorites now are "Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?" by Eric Carle and "Roll Over, Roll Over" by Penny Dale. Max is talking more and more every day. Sometimes, he won't stop talking! We are amazed by how seemingly overnight Max began repeating anything we said and talking in 2-3 word sentences. "Okay, c'mon", "I do it", "All Done", "Seepy pie", "Night Night Daddy"," Oh, Goodness". I am a proud momma. :)
Max actually says "cheese" now and then says "So Cute!"
The "mohawk" has now become the "wave" as Max's hair keeps growing.

Max and big brother Ed-Wow, can you tell they're brothers!?

My Mommy does my hair

All Clean

Max's First Snow

HI! A favorite of mine-not sure when.


Mindy Harris said...

He is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful, Sister! Good job blogging! I love you!

Logan said...


I love the pictures of your gorgeous sons! How much fun! Clean babies always do smell the best. The quote you have by Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of my favorites. I actually have it engraved on a silver bracelet! Miss you and love you!

Brenden & Andrea said...

Very hansom boys! I agree with Hil, babies always smell the best after a bath! Hope you are doing well!

bigjeremiah said...

He is WAAAY cute!