Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby bunnies & before & after photos

Well, most of the flood waters have receded although it is still raining here more than normal.  We had 3 wonderful days in a row of warmth and sunshine so we were outside as much as possible.  We found this nest of baby bunnies and it became endless hours of fun to just "watch after them."  It was very hard to resist not pick them up and hold them and pet them but we still certainly enjoyed them! Maybe one of these days I will have a rabbit for a pet again! :) 

We counted 7 bunnies. 2 of them were kinda outside of the nest as they were getting to big to all fit in there.  We checked on them yesterday and the bunnies were gone.  They have "flown" the nest. Out on their own in the big big wide world.     

And here is a little table I did a makeover on. Paid $3 for it at a garage sale.  It had great lines but needed some "oomph"

So I sanded it down and gave it a bright coat of yellow paint. Then I resurfaced the top with vintage book pages for a fun & whimsical look.  This would make a great nightstand or smaller coffee table. 

This guy also had some great lines but needed a pick me up as well.

So, i gave it a coat of white paint then sanded it a bit and sealed with clear poly.  I just love it now. Isn't he handsome? I would use in a kids room for books & toys  or in a dining room as a bar cabinet with cute glasses & an icebucket & bottles on the bottom.

Both of these items are for sale in my shop.   But hurry in before I decide to keep them. :)
Wishing my momma & momma in law & all my momma friends out there a wonderful fabulous Mother's Day. You deserve it & are appreciated!

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