Sunday, December 18, 2011

Im Dreaming of a White...Kitchen..

Although I am not the cook in the family, (my husband is the most awesomest chef); I long for a shiny new white kitchen. Big frig with ice & water in the door, gourmet stove, island, eat in seating for a family of 6, tile or hardwood flooring, a chandelier. :) Much time is spent in a kitchen & revolves around the kitchen & even though I don't cook, I've been know to bake the occasional nana bread, fix quick lunches for the kids, make a pot of coffee or when I'm feeling really Betty Crocker:grilled cheese or macn'cheese. I would love for my husband to have plenty of counter space & to feel inspired in our kitchen. I know that someday this dream will come true. It will. Any one of these kitchens would do:

I really covet that table & chairs. Saw one similar, but the table top was white formica, a couple years ago at an antiques store & still kicking myself for not snatching it up. What was I thinking? And the chalkboard paint. I could write scriptures of the week or my hubby could scribble menu notes.
The pops of color. That. CLOCK. pink lilies, eggs in a cute container, the numbers & glass front cabinetry. Great little accents in this one.
This one is just so bright and cheery! How could you come to breakfast & be grumpy in this kitchen? It would be against the rules. Loven' that chrome & red stove. And love the red & turquoise combo! So fresh!
Love the stainless island working with the stove & giant frig. The natural looking rug under the island & backsplash adds nice warmth & contrast.

And for now, this is what I have to work with. Not bad for a "little house in the country" kitchen on a tight budget.This is what it looked like before my $100 makover. Much improvement eh?!

And just so ya know, I am dreaming of a white Christmas too. Will be in Nebraska & Kansas so hopefully the Lord will bless us with some shimmery snow. Can't wait to see all my family. Its always good to go home & be with the ones you love the most. My momma & daddy(yes, I still sometimes call them that at 31) with my babies when they came for a visit in October.Grandpa holding Evelyn pointing out one of the many praying mantis that moved in to our porch area for a month or so. Literally, we counted at one time 15 of them. They were breeding. The males would come & "impregnate" the females & their bellies would get huge & then the males would die.Max & I & the giant pumpkin. I think it looks kinda gross.

Well, thats it for tonight folks. Hope you are all enjoying the true reason for the season-our Savior's birth! Remember that when you are trying to get last minute shopping done, wrapping, baking, sending out cards, packing, cleaning.....It helps keep everything in perspective.



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