Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer beckons

Summer is technically, officially not here yet, but the activities are in full swing. Although we have been getting bucket loads of rain, we have still managed to squeeze in some super fun activites.
We took the boys camping a couple nights and hit up the nearest small town pool. Max & I camped 1 night while the big boys camped 2. Max is still new at the whole camping thing so sharing a tent with his two big brothers was just too exciting-not much sleep. And, Stephen & I's blow up mattress had a slow leak so we ended up on the hard ground, yes, ground by 11:00. pm. It was hot and there were lots of noises and the ground was digging into my side. Normally, I am quite the camper. I love it. Love being in nature. But this time, 18 wks pregnant, it just wasn't working out. I woke up, well I should say finally just got up at 5:40 am and informed Stephen-who was already awake with Will preparing to set off for fishing-that I was sorry but that Max and I would be sleeping at home tonight. (We're only a 15 min. drive from this state park). Stephen understood. I was a little disappointed in myself but then remembered that I have a pretty good track record at being the "happy camper." So, me, Itty Bitty (baby), and Max slept soundly and snuggly in our cool, soft beds. :)

"Sittn' on the dock of the bay"

The "Boys" Fishing time

Max & Momma in the rowboat. Max started singing "Row row row your boat" when Stephen started rowing.

Ed & Will

We had our very own private little dock that led right up to our campsite.

At the pool: Max didn't let go of that ball the whole time-unless he was shooting a basket.

Ed & Will-great big bros, fantastic helpers, studs. :)

The pool house is sooo vintage-love it-hope they never change it.

Vintage tin pool sign.

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Alan & Lila said...

Daddy and Mommy love the camping story and the deflation scenario! Soft bed at home sounds good to us! We love you all and miss you all!