Saturday, April 10, 2010


The entire Peters clan ventured to Marco Island, Fl for a little spring break fun in the sun! We had a splendid time lounging poolside, catchin' waves, collecting seashells and just hanging out together. This trip was something Rich and Elaine had wanted to do for the family for a while. The trip was in honor of Rich's 70th birthday. What a great present... to all of us! Thank you so much Gma Elaine and Gpa Richard for the unforgettable memories.

Max's first airplane ride. He was a little unsure at first!

Now he's smiling. Making friends with the lady and her little dog behind us

In the rental car headed to the beach. Almost there!

First steps on the beach. He was soo excited.

Ginormous jelly fish washed up on shore. Eww. Felt like a hardened gummy bear

Washed up starfish, he was still alive and squiggling around

Max like throwing the seashells back into the ocean.

Lucky cousins, Hannah, Ben, Will, Ed, Max

Aahh. Rockn' the day away. Max, Hannah, Gpa

Me,standing in the tropical foliage.

Looking for seashells wasn't hard, there were tons. Finding the best one on the other hand

Cheesy. her her

This pic made me think of a hurricane. It only rained one morning.

Odd looking bird. God is funny.

Me and Jen by the pool

Stinky, sunkissed boys. Max, Ed, Ben, Will

Oh Lord. Our family photo attempt

The Peters clan (Max hiding behind my head.)

Headed to dinner one evening

Gotta have a palm tree pick. Just gotta.

Balcony view

Bye Bye Marco


Mindy M. Harris said...

Sister, these are wonderful! I'm glad you got to go experience the ocean. It puts many things in perspective...there's so much we don't know. Thankfully, there's a God who does and who can handle knowing everything.
You look like Miss America in your swimsuit. Good job!

Alan & Lila said...

Megan Marie, I love your Marco Island blog. The Peter's family looks like a Hollywood family. I miss you more and more but I couldn't love you any more.


Momma & Daddy

Erin said...

Oh man, what a fun trip...Peters and their beach vacations!!! Cant wait to go to one someday!
Hope you had a blast..looks like you did anyways!
Love you miss you!

Mark and Marilyn said...

Megan- we have spent some time in Marco- my Dad had a condo- you can actually see it in one of your shots- way down the beach.... it is a gorgeous place and Tiger Tail
Beach is so pretty.
Max is getting so big!