Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who's ready for spring?

I'm officially snowed out. I realize I posted some beautiful snow pics and raved about the wonders of the snow... and now I am ready for spring. We've had an especially long, cold winter here, so we are excited to be reaching upper 3o's lower 40 temps by this weekend and next week. I am ready for spring flowers, green grass, warm breezes, the sunshine to do its thing. On another note (kinda, I try to tie it in at the end): Why is it that when life seems to be going so smoothly, happily, generally great; we get hit/bombarded from all different directions with set backs, frustrations, an unexpected expense..? Is it God testing us? Is it Satan attacking us or both? Its so easy to get down. Life is so fragile, so precious, so...hard. I keep thinking of a quote from Joe Dirt, (that movie with David Spade) "Ya gotta keep on keepn' on!" Endure to persevere, ...I can do all things through Christ. Just as the earth gives us its seasons, life also gives us its seasons. Rainbows and roses, stormclouds and lightning, snow, rain, sunshine and breezes....

Max swimming at hotel pool. We shared a romantic valentine weekend...with Max. :)

And now he's all done. Was getting close to nap time and I think a little cold.

Swimming pool at home. Don't think we'll be getting in there anytime soon.

I wish, I wish with all my heart...just be patient my darling.

Taken from our front door. We see these five deer often.

Full moon, doesn't this picture just "feel" cold?

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Mindy M. Harris said...

beautiful words and pictures sister. i miss you!