Monday, January 4, 2010

Dunning family Christmas in Kansas

During the few precious days we have for Christmas vacation, we manage to squeeze in quite a bit. We traveled first to Kansas to celebrate with my family and then up to Nebraska with Stephen's family (more pics to follow on that). Momma and Daddy always help make Christmas so very special. (One of my growing favorites is the family tradition of Daddy reading the Christmas story while we huddle around the tree waiting to open presents.) This year after an extremely tense-filled journey we were surprised with a brand new, comfy, pillow top queen sized mattress for our room. This replaced the teeny, tiny sink in the middle, balance on the edge, double bed that we were using. We were thrilled. They also picked out an enormous real Christmas tree for indoors and a special blue spruce they planted outdoors. There was heavenly food to boot, (I couldn't stop eating), festive decorations and presents galor. It was wonderful. But, none of these things could ever amount to the greatest gifts of all....the gifts of true friendship and loyalty; family and unconditional love; children laughing, playing, crying, sleeping....welcoming warmth and new babies to come...and celebrating the birth of our Savior who without Him these gifts would not be possible.

Gpa "Mutach" and his grandsons

Sister and BFFs for life

Cousin bath time-a first

Opening presents

Oooh, batteries!

Sisters and honorary sisters.


Mindy M. Harris said...

I love this post and especially your precious words. Love u.

Ryan and Erin said...

Good pics sister!!! I havent been on your blog for way too long!!! Love your posts!!!
Miss you!