Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend in Wichita

Welcome to our blog.  I finally had some time(and assistance) on actually getting some pictures posted. This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity of visiting our family in Wichita, KS.  We got to see our precious new nephew, Wilder, for the first time and he is such an angel.  My sister Mindy and her hubby Shawn are incredible people.  We so loved being at their home.  My parents and sissy, Erin came up for one night too.  We had so much fun.  Stroller ride/walk to the park, taco salad, photo shoots, and lots and lots of gabbing.  We just enjoy and relax being together in each others company. These moments in time are so priceless to me and they are what help keep me going.  I thank God every day for my wonderful family.  I love you all!!
        Max and Papaw

Mindy, Wilder, and Shawn
sisters and BFF's for life

Max and Momma

Marley aka "Marney" as Max says



Me, Wilder, Stephen 
"Nama" in heaven with her grandsons 
max's big eyes  

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Cyrus and Hilary said...

He's adorable! So good to talk to you yesterday!

Miss you and love you,